Our Services

Drupal Association MemberCalmForce Federal Services is a Florida-based web development company.  We specialize in Drupal and provide a variety of web design and development services to US Government Agencies and private business customers as well.  We pride ourselves on our attention to quality, swift execution, and effective communication with clients.

  • Custom Module Development: get your web application custom-tailored to your needs.
  • Enterprise Search: Combine Drupal with Apache Solr for Enterprise class search and faceted browsing.
  • Optimizing, Scaling & Performance: using industry best practices to make your web site lightning-fast

Drupal Development Services

We take on a diverse array of projects and have experience in fulfilling a wide variety of development needs.  Are you looking to re-design, expand, upgrade or otherwise improve your website?  We would be glad to help.

  • Site design and custom Theming, including U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) 
  • Custom module development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Site performance optimization
  • Migrations from Drupal 7/8 to Drupal 10 and migrations from non-Drupal sites

Web Applications for Government Agencies, Businesses and Organizations

We build websites from the ground up using the Drupal platform.  The Drupal Content Management System empowers you - the customer - to easily manage your site content even if it needs to be modified or updated frequently.  Below are several examples of the types of websites we create.

An Agency/Company Website
  • admins can easily create new posts, announcements, news articles, and media displays
  • customers and clients can interact with the site through comments, content ratings, polls, and surveys
  • admins can create a calendar of events, and site users can subscribe to event notifications
  • Integration with social networking services: increases the website's online presence
  • E-commerce integration: allows customers to place orders online, using a shopping cart with checkout that permits payment by PayPal or Credit Card
  • Integration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or a Document Management System (DMS) system - further expands the site's capabilities
Intranet Portal for an Organization
  • users can create interactive working groups to work on projects or share knowledge within the organization
  • users can enable collaborative tools such as blogs, wiki, online handbooks, calendars for group events and project/case trackers
  • users can find colleagues with shared interests and needed expertise and invite them to a new group
  • allows users to share short messages, links, and information with other group members
  • Issue tracking/ticketing system: allows for creating unlimited projects within each of the groups and assigning tasks to members, classifying the tasks, give them priorities, and manage their status
Online interest-based Community
  • members are able to create their own profile page, which is visible to other members
  • members are able to create blog entries, and are able to upload photos and videos into these entries
  • members and site users can comment on blog entries and other content generated by other members
  • members are able to create events, categorized by type and location and shown on a calendar
  • members can subscribe to receive updates about new postings to the site
  • members can subscribe to be alerted via email when an event draws near
  • members are able to create polls and have others vote on them

Hosting Services

We have extensive knowledge and experience in hosting data and web servers On the Cloud – using Amazon Web Services GovCloud to render in-house hardware solutions unnecessary and obsolete.  We can move your entire IT infrastructure to the GovCloud, so that you can stop worrying about upgrading and scaling up your computing capacity to meet increasing demands.

  • By employing Amazon Web Services and “computing on the cloud”, CalmForce is able to provide its customers with reliable and secure data Hosting Solution with 99.95% availability guaranteed by Amazon.com. For unlimited data storage and archiving functions, CalmForce utilizes Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). It allows access to the same highly scalable, reliable, fast data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. Amazon S3 Service provides a standards-based and high performance mechanism for managing content. S3's performance characteristics make it ideal for end-user as well as enterprise applications where cost-effective data storage is desired.
  • To host customers’ Web portals, SQL databases and Web Applications software, CalmForce uses Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a web service that provides resizable computing capacity. Amazon EC2's web service interface allows obtaining and configuring capacity with minimal friction. It provides CalmForce complete secure control of acquired computing resources and allows running Linux or Windows servers on Amazon's proven computing environment. Amazon EC2 presents a true virtual computing environment providing web service interfaces to requisition machines for use and the ability to load these machines with custom application environments, manage the network's access permissions, and run the virtual servers using as many or few systems as desired. Amazon EC2 reduces the time required to obtain and boot new virtual servers to minutes, allowing quick scaling of needed capacity, both up and down, as computing requirements change.